About Good Vibe Tribe Jewelry

Hi! I’m Angiepants Shireman. I live in beautiful Fort Collins, CO. I began creating jewelry in 1990. Over the years my jewelry has evolved and whole heartedly become a medium for my true nature, my love for lifting up others, and my determination to thrive on authenticity no matter what comes my way! I am deeply inspired by yoga, the sea, my family, quotes, song lyrics and poetry. I am moved by the brave souls that choose to show up, as they really are…and I celebrate them for it! These are the people that have nudged me to share my talent with the world…they have whispered and shouted with encouragement to tell my ┬ástory and leave my mark. My jewelry reflects this love, courage and joy in living an authentic life. I feel lit from within and it is my dream that my inspired jewelry will light you up inside and be a spark for you to chase your dreams…to nurture them until they become your reality! Do it! Now is the time…

I am thrilled to have an amazing little home studio where I can freely get into the flow and create high quality, meaningful silver jewelry. Each and every piece is created by my hands and from my heart. My jewelry is made with sterling silver, and fine silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver while fine silver has 99.9% silver content. Fine silver is considered to be pure silver. In an effort to be mindful and sustainable, the silver that I use is recycled. Many of my pieces are created with Precious Metal Clay. PMC is a seemingly magical medium in it’s raw form, as it looks and feels like clay. Each and every piece is made to order and one of a kind. No two pieces are alike. After the clay is shaped, formed, sanded and dried, it is fired in my kiln for hours until the silver fuses together. From there, each and every piece is inspected, oxodized, sanded and polished by hand. The end result is a beautiful, meaningful keepsake.

I also have the cutest little mobile shop ever! I am the proud owner of a 1962 Shasta Airflyte trailer. I have converted it into a fabulous jewelry shop on wheels! Because of this highly portable cute-mobile, I am free to sell wherever the wind (or water) takes me! In the summer, I hit the road and head west to sell my jewelry at art, yoga, music and paddle board festivals with my incredible husband and our 2
awesome boys.

When not creating or selling jewelry, you can bet that you’ll find me climbing mountains, practicing yoga or on the water enjoying as much time on my paddle board as possible…always searching for the perfect glide. :)